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A small investment in a phenomenal light

Gynilux uno

Portable, integrated examination light for attachment to all available disposable specula


  • Gynilux offers a shadow-free, extreme strong light for gynaecological examinations
  • Can be fixed in no time on all available disposable specula
  • Gynilux is equipped with a LED-lamp and offers therefore a very high life-span
  • Gynilux is small, handy and can be taken along everywhere
  • The commercially available battery can quickly be changed and provides Gynilux with approx. 6 lighting-hours
LED: luminous power: 18000 mcd
working current: 20 mA
working time: about 50`000 hours
Batteries : 2 x Lithium 3V
235 mA
Heatproof: max. 70° Celsius.
may not be sterilized, danger of explosion
Housing: stainless steel Inox
Screws: stainless steel
Weight: about 100 g
Measure: Ø 28 x 26 x 90 mm
Warranty:  2 years on fabrication and material defect
product code: TI-050